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They kept the matter to themselves, discussing what “rising from the dead” meant. (Mark 9:10)

But they did not understand what he meant and were afraid to ask him about it. (Mark 9:32) 

These were amazing times but also trying times for the disciples.  In the beginning of chapter 9 is the transfiguration of Jesus, where Peter, James, and John got to see Jesus in His glorified form talking with Moses and Elijah.  They were amazed by this, but as they were leaving Jesus told them not to discuss it until He rose from the dead.  They kept it to themselves, but they also had no idea as to what Jesus was referring to. 

We are afraid to ask questions.  We are afraid because we don’t know all the answers and we are too prideful to admit it.   We are afraid because of appearance, ignorance, and shyness.  Somewhere along the line of Christianity we bought into the lie that we shouldn’t question any questions. 

Jesus knows already that you don’t know, so just admit to Him you don’t and allow Him to teach you.  That is what He wanted the disciples to do, and that is what He wants you and me to do today.  Ask Him, ask a mentor, ask your pastor, ask your teacher, ask a trusted friend, just please ask someone. 

 Prayer: Father, help me to feel free to ask the One who knows any and all questions I may have. Forgive me for my pride, Amen.

-Pastor Chris L. Reese, Enka Baptist Church

North Carolina Baptist

Southern Baptist Convention

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