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When I think of prayer, sometimes wonderful Biblical scriptures come to mind.  At times, my thoughts turn to beautiful lyrics of a favorite gospel song or an old hymn.

For several days, the words of this song by Robert Sande and Samuel Scott have reminded me of the importance of these two elements in our daily lives:  Prayer & Faith.

“Prayer is the key to Heaven

But faith unlocks the door.

Words are so easily spoken.

Prayer without faith is like a boat without an oar.

Have faith when you speak to the Master.

That’s all He asks you for.

Prayer is the key to Heaven

But faith unlocks the door.”

As Christians, what an incredible privilege we have each day to speak person-to-person with the Creator of the universe! The omniscient one, He knows and understands the desires of our hearts before we even speak.  Yet, He tells us to “Pray without ceasing. In everything to give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  1 Thessalonians 5:17-18, KJV

Having been raised in the home of a Baptist minister, my parents taught my brother and me the importance of prayer and faith from an early age.  We remember our family altar of prayer before bedtime; we remember the tender moments of grace around the table before each meal; we remember seeing the hand of God work in myriad ways to provide for the needs of our family through the years; we remember miraculous ways that God healed the sick in our church family; we remember souls coming to know the almighty power of God and accept Jesus as person Savior; we remember the personal touch of our loving Lord as He ministered to us in the days following the home-going of our sweet parents and many other dear family members and friends.

How remarkable it is in 2019 that our same God is still on His throne; still in control; still caring; still loving; still all-knowing and still with us every day, in every way.  So, let’s talk with our Heavenly Father, in prayer and faith, believing exactly that.  What a privilege to carry EVERYTHING to God in prayer!

PrayerDear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the privilege of prayer, a personal conversation with you that we may enjoy any time – day or night.  Thank you for listening to the desires of our hearts.  Thank for hearing us as we praise your name for every good and perfect gift coming from your bounty in Heaven.  Thank you, most of all, for the Hope of Heaven.  Help us to pray without ceasing for our world, our leaders, our pastors, our friends and our families.  We do believe that prayer is the key to Heaven, but our God-given faith unlocks the door. In the Name of Jesus we humbly pray, Amen.

Judy Lewis, Pole Creek Baptist Church



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